• Would you like to store archive boxes, athletic equipment, golf bags, skis, musical instruments, evidence specimens, clothing, shoes, and beyond?

  • Would you like to add hooks and supports, drawers and covers for added security?

Smart Shelf 4-Post shelving can stand alone, or be joined to other shelves. It can also be attached to a Mechanical Assist or Powered Mobile System, so you can get more out of your space. This shelving can be used single-sided or double-sided, back-to-back.

Whereas most shelves are limited to books and similar kinds of objects, SmartShelf®’s inspired structure broadens your storage horizons. You can use it to store a variety of items. In short, if you’re not a library or similar book-oriented environment, SmartShelf® is the smart alternative to regular shelving.

Shelving should be a solution, not a problem. Rather than adapting to it, it should adapt to you. With its ingenious four-post hybrid system, SmartShelf® is able to do just that. This open-ended shelving concept can be configured in countless ways and customized to hold a wide array of items.

Not content with diversifying the range of storage items it can hold, SmartShelf® also gives you the option of mixing and matching configurations. There’s no need to choose between full-depth and back-to-back shelving. You can have your cake and eat it too—an option that is absolutely exclusive to this product.

The hybrid four-post system permits both kinds of shelving at once: either 16-inch back-to-back shelving separated by a central divider, or 32-inch full-depth shelves. This is great for efficiently storing both larger and smaller items within the same unit, on full-depth and back-to-back shelves respectively.

The advantages don’t stop there. There are all sorts of handy permutations you can introduce, such as hooks and supports, drawers and covers for added security. Make fine adjustments to your shelves’ height to match items of varying sizes. For more mobility and capacity, mount units on one of Montel’s mobile mechanical or electrical carriages.

The SmartShelf® is whatever you make of it—a one-shelf-fits-all solution for myriad storage needs.

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