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Powered – Mobile Storage

  • Would you like to take advantage of the economical, space optimizing features of a Mechanical Assist Mobile Shelving System?

We have five main system types to choose from.

Do you need to store files and other standard weight items, along with large, odd-shaped items in an economical way?

Smartspace Plus – Mechanical Assist – Light Duty Storage – an excellent option for economical, light duty storage applications.

Mobilex – Mechanical Assist Storage – an excellent option for storage of frequently accessed and returned items that are standard in size and weight or very unique.


Is limited space and moderate floor-load bearing capacity a factor for your storage area? Would you like to be able to easily relocate and reconfigure your storage system?

Quadra Mobile Modular Flooring – Mechanical Assist Storage – an excellent option for a light-weight modular system, for floors with moderate load-bearing ability that is easy to relocate since it doesn’t require rails to be installed on the floor.

Quadral Lateral Moveable – Mechanical Assist Storage an excellent compact shelving system that maximizes the use of limited space, with shelves that move laterally, instead of opening into an aisle.


Are you looking for an economical mobile system for your industrial and warehouse area?

Rack & Roll 16 – Mechanical Assist Industrial Compact Shelving (for up to 16,000 lbs of stored material)


If you require a greater weight capacity, consider Powered – Mobile Storage options.

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